Annual 6-Step Turf Wellness program

Season-Long Lawn Care

Our comprehensive 6-step program is tailor made for the types of turf and weather conditions in the Omaha area. The program includes:

  • A double application of pre-emergent in spring to assure a good barrier against broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and foxtail.
  • A top notch insecticide (MERIT®) is used in the July-August applications to prevent any grub related problems.
  • Four of the six applications contain natural organics which provide beneficial micronutrients to the grass plant and soil.
  • All applications are GRANULAR and are applied by licensed and trained personnel.
  • Service calls are handled within 24 hours and absolutely FREE.

Because our reputation is built on satisfied customers, all our services and products are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

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The 6-Step Program:

1: April - May

Heavy rate of granular fertilizer, with natural organics to promote early spring green-up. Also broadleaf weed control if needed.

2: May - June

A double application of pre-emergent plus granular fertilizer to assure a good barrer against broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and foxtail. Plus an insecticide targeting sod webworm and billbug. Also broadleaf weed control.

3: June - July

Balanced granular fertilizer with natural organics and slow-release nitrogen to provide summer-long feeding. Also broadleaf weed control.

4: July - August

A top quality granular insecticide (Merit®) for control of white grub and sod webworm. Plus a well-balanced, slow release granular fertilizer. Also broadleaf weed control.

5: August - September

Balanced granular fertilizer with natural organics and slow release nitrogen. Check lawn for white grub activity and apply insecticide if needed. Also broadleaf weed control.

6: October - November

Heavy rate of granular fertilizer with natural organics to stimulate root growth and food storage for winter. Also early spring green-up. Broadleaf weed control if needed.

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Preventative Fungicide

Afternoon and evening rainfall, mowing with a dull blade, infrequent mowing while not bagging clippings, and hot, humid weather are all things which can cause fungus activity on your lawn.

Some varieties of turfgrasses are simply more susceptible to fungus activity than others, and they tend to have fungus problems even under proper cultural practices. Some fungi merely cause aesthetic problems to the turf.

Others, however, will cause irreparable damage and death to your lawn. For this reason, we recommend protecting your lawn with our Preventative Fungicide Program.

Our Program consists of four applications of contact and systemic fungicides. The treatments are applied at a preventative rate on a timely basis throughout the fungus season. These fungicide treatments, along with proper watering and mowing practices, will drastically reduce the possibility of damage being done to your turf by diseases.


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