Annual 6-Step Turf Wellness program

Season-Long Lawn Care

Our comprehensive 6-step program is tailor made for the types of turf and weather conditions in the Omaha area. The program includes:

  • A double application of pre-emergent in spring to assure a good barrier against broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and foxtail.
  • A top notch insecticide (MERIT®) is used in the July-August applications to prevent any grub related problems.
  • Four of the six applications contain natural organics which provide beneficial micronutrients to the grass plant and soil.
  • All applications are GRANULAR and are applied by licensed and trained personnel.
  • Service calls are handled within 24 hours and absolutely FREE.

Because our reputation is built on satisfied customers, all our services and products are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

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The 6-Step Program:

1: March - April

Heavy rate of granular fertilizer, with natural organics to promote early spring green-up. Also broadleaf weed control if needed.

2: May - June

A double application of pre-emergent plus granular fertilizer to assure a good barrer against broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and foxtail. Plus an insecticide targeting sod webworm and billbug. Also broadleaf weed control.

3: June - July

Balanced granular fertilizer with natural organics and slow-release nitrogen to provide summer-long feeding. Also broadleaf weed control.

4: July - August

A top quality granular insecticide (Merit®) for control of white grub and sod webworm. Plus a well-balanced, slow release granular fertilizer. Also broadleaf weed control.

5: August - September

Balanced granular fertilizer with natural organics and slow release nitrogen. Check lawn for white grub activity and apply insecticide if needed. Also broadleaf weed control.

6: October - November

Heavy rate of granular fertilizer with natural organics to stimulate root growth and food storage for winter. Also early spring green-up. Broadleaf weed control if needed.

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