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What is more beautiful and inviting than a lush lawn of supple, green grass? Having the proper watering system in place is essential to your lawn’s health and hardiness. Our irrigation system is custom installed to your lawn’s unique terrain and perimeter.


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Sprinkler Not Working?

Shutting Down Your Backflow

Watch this 1-minute video as Heartland Lawns Landscape Division Manager, Justin Verbeck, walks through the basic steps of shutting down a standard backflow

“We’re out draining backflows today and I wanted to show you guys how to take care of that for your lawn.

Here is a standard Watts back flow. There are a couple of valves: the nipple valves and the main valves. We are going to open those valves to 45 degree angles. Then, turn the screws to 45 degree angles. Open the final release valve to drain any remaining water from the line.”

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Shutting down Backflow for sprinkler blowout

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