Since 1990, Heartland Lawns™ has been the go-to choice for homeowners seeking vibrant lawns year-round. Our family-owned company ensures the highest quality service.

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Achieve a lush, healthy lawn with our Gretna-area lawn care company’s science-backed approach. Our 6-Step Turf Wellness™ Program nourishes your grass with essential nutrients, while targeted pest control solutions eliminate grubs and other lawn-damaging insects. Aeration and overseeding promote healthy root growth and a thicker, more resilient turf. For complete peace of mind, consider our 5-Point Perimeter Pest Program. This additional service creates a protective barrier around your property, keeping unwanted insects at bay and ensuring a pest-free environment for your home or business.

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Comprehensive lawn care

6 Steps to Turf wellness

Our comprehensive 6-Step Wellness Program™ caters to the specific demands of Nebraska lawns. Featuring a double application of pre-emergent herbicide for year-round weed defense, the service includes Merit® Insecticide (free of charge) for superior grub control. Additionally, essential nutrients are incorporated to promote healthy root growth and storage in winter.

Comprehensive care…

Landscape Design

We take the hassle out of landscape design for your Gretna property. Together, we’ll design and build your dream outdoor space, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Keep your lawn green…

Heartland Irrigation

A lush, green lawn is a source of pride. Our irrigation services in Gretna ensure your watering system operates efficiently throughout the growing season, maximizing water conservation and promoting a healthy lawn.


Tree & Shrub Services

Enhance your property’s beauty with healthy trees and shrubs. Our 6-Step Program, designed specifically for the Nebraska climate, provides targeted protection against insects and diseases, and promotes healthy growth through fertilization.

Get Rid of Bugs & Rodents

Pest Control

Don’t let pests disrupt your comfort. Our targeted pest control solutions effectively address infestations of mosquitos, ticks, fleas, moles, rats, ants, crickets, and more.

Let Your Lawn Breathe!

Aeration & Overseeding

Unlock the full potential of your lawn with Heartland Lawns™ aeration services. Compacted soil can suffocate your grass, hindering its growth. Our lawn care company near Gretna employs core aeration techniques that remove small plugs, creating pathways for air, water, and nutrients to invigorate your lawn’s root system. Aeration is a vital step for a healthy, thriving lawn. To further enhance your turf, consider overseeding—a method that promotes thickness and resilience against diseases, drought, and pests.

What our customers say:

LOVE Heartland Lawns!!! I use them to treat my yard and it looks fabulous. This year I needed some major landscaping done to fix my backyard. But I wanted to shop around and get quotes to compare. I talked to five different companies!!! Heartland was the ONLY one who cared to go back and forth with me to get me exactly what I wanted and for a price I could afford. The individuals who did the landscaping were AMAZING! They went above and beyond my expectations! I couldn’t be happier with everything from start to finish with this company!

-Nikki Conner

I’ve used several lawn services over the years, from small local shops to national firms. By far, and I mean BY FAR, Heartland Lawns is the very best. I’ve been a customer for a little over 2 years and the improvement I’ve seen in my lawn is nothing less than spectacular. Matter of fact, this past Christmas I gave to my two adult children Heartland’s yearly service. They too are extremely pleased with the results. Heartland brings friendly customer service and excellent products to your yard. I highly recommend them!

-Don Labrie

Once again you guys are making our lawn look fantastic!!! I’ve already had my neighbors ask me what I’m doing and I give them your number. Thanks for a great job and keep up the good work!

-R. Rosalez

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